Fascinated by the cultural richness of the Provence and its natural surroundings, the founders of daytour decided to allow everyone the discovery the true Provence, far from the tourist hordes and at their own pace.

Off the beaten track, share with friends or family your tour through this mythical region with its secrets, Frédéric Mistral, Alphonse Daudet and many others have so much to tell about. Site visits, tours through the countryside, breathing in its different perfumes. Hear the cicadas, explore the vineyards, pass under the shade of the plantations, picnic …

The project daytour addresses to everyone, searching for a different and independent tourism. There is no need for a sports training, only the desire to realize the dream of authentic encounters, discoveries and escape.

Beyond this alternative tourist discovery mode, the objective of  daytour is also an environmental commitment shared with our partners but also professional hoteliers. Once arrived at the place of vacation, the system Daytour allows to tourists, to let their car parked until they leave!

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